Walk Leaders: Glyn & Julie


Number on walk: 21 Walkers / 4 Dogs


Distance: 10 Miles


Weather: Full Sun & Light Wind ; a nice day


Before starting cakes / biscuits and crisps were handed out ( excess Amble food ).


At 10am we set off from Sabden for a steady climb to the Nick Path. Once on the path we headed for the Scout Cairn but turned North over Apronfull Hill for lovely views of the Ribble Valley. 


A steep decent after a picture to the bottom passing a group training gun dogs (they were very good). Lunch was had at a derelict barn a short distance away from the Pendleton to Worston track. Once on the track we headed for Pendleton and then back up to the Nick. At this point we made our way to Wiswell Trig and Jepp Nave's grave.


Jepp is buried in a Bronze Age burial mound at the intersection of the parishes of Wiswell, Pendleton and Sabden. In 1327 Jepp was murdered and carried up and placed in the mound the cunning plan being that all three parishes could not decided who should prosecute. They got away with the murder. Still a good tale and we then made our way back to Sabden via the Nick path.




A lovely day and at the end the remaining crisps / cakes / biscuits and sweets were handed out.