Walk from Spring Wood

On what was the best day, weather wise, that we’ve had lately, 23 of us met at Spring Wood for the start of this walk led by Jeff with the intriguing title of the T.T.T. walk. Several guesses were made as to what it could be but Jeff was keeping it under his hat saying that all would be revealed in due course.

We started out along the River Calder passing the ‘Marjorie’ which was a clue in one of the Kanters before climbing up Whalley Nab and steeply up Berry Lane. Some muddy paths took us along Dean Clough valley with views of Bowley Hill to our left and the reservoir on our right. Lunch was taken at the edge of Wilpshire Golf Club and afterwards we continued through the golf course with excellent views all around and particularly of Pendle Hill ahead of us. On leaving the golf course it became apparent what the T.T. T. stood for because there, in front of us, were three turbines and the walk became the ‘Three Turbines Trail’- a bit of fun on Jeff’s part.

1.5 miles along Moor Lane was welcomed by everyone I think. The lane was quiet and it enabled us to progress a bit more easily for ½ hour before descending a rather steep, muddy path down towards Billington and we finished the walk passing under Whalley Abbey Gates, through the old part of Whalley and making our back to Spring Wood. Thanks, Jeff, for a good day out and good weather as well.