A Walk in the West Pennine Moors

Tuesday walk Jan28th.

On a very wet and misty morning 18 of us, and 4 dogs, set off from Crookfield car park behind our leader, Mac, who had told us that, because of the conditions, we would be doing his ‘B’ route.

We made our way through the ruins of Hollinshead Hall and downhill following the path, or should it be stream?, there was so much water pouring down, through the Roddlesworth plantations and eventually making our way to Abbey Village.

By now the rain had ceased and we continue past the beautiful 17th century Red Lea farm and up the steep road to Tockholes  village where we stopped for lunch. Afterwards we carried on along Weasel Lane then took the track under Darwen Tower, past what is left of ‘Old Aggie’s house finally meeting the road opposite Slipper Lowe car park and an easy finish along that road back to the cars, most of us muddied up to the knees.

Hey ho!  The buckets will come out again when we get home and the first job will be to try and get overtrousers, gaiters, and boots clean and dry, ready for their next outing.

Thanks Mac for a well-planned walk and having an alternative version ready which was more suitable to the prevailing conditions.