Tuesday 5th. February. Walk over Settle Summits.


 A drive over icy roads got us to our slightly delayed start in Settle. The weather forecast was for strong to gale force winds and conditions on our first summit, Warrendale Knotts left us in no doubt that they meant what they said.

Nevertheless the sun kept breaking through and, in spite of the wind, views were good. 

Our next summit was to have been Black Hill, but having lost time due to the conditions, we decided to leave that for another day. Instead we carried on to Malham Tarn and lunch sheltering in a bird hide. 

By now the weather had filled in good and proper and as we rounded Malham Tarn we became enveloped in a howling blizzard and clouds of spindrift. Plodding along like a group of snowmen, we navigated our way over Great Close Hill, our second summit, then dropped down to a clump of trees for a little respite from the elements.

 Good sense told us we must take the line of least resistance back to Settle. Unfortunately this wasn't as easy as it may have seemed, as we were now heading into the wind and snow, which stung our eyes, when we lifted our heads to check the way ahead.

 Once over the moor we dropped down to Stockdale Lane, where the snow got wetter, turning eventually into rain.

From there we followed the road back to our cars. 

There were 10 on the walk and, surprising though it may seem, I think we all enjoyed it. Thanks a lot Jeff.