Todd Lane, Mar 1st

Fourteen members gathered at my house on Todd Lane North for a 10 am start and headed off down the old East Lancs railway formerly the site of the old Todd Lane Station. Heading north towards Preston town centre and the River Ribble, via the old tree lined tramway which was once used to transport goods from the Lancaster canal basin to the Leeds Liverpool basin at Walton Summit. Once over the tram bridge at Preston we turned west past Avenham and Miller Parks and then crossed over the old Penwortham bridge. We then followed the south side of the River Ribble to the former site of the Preston Power Station on Holme Road where we were joined by my daughter Lucy on our onward journey through Howick and Penwortham. Then after crossing Cop Lane we followed the path to Hill Road cemetery before crossing over Penwortham Way footbridge and down into Lower Penwortham/Middleforth where we then rejoined the River Ribble heading east along the south side of the River with the torrent now in full flow following heavy rain in the Dales. Later rejoining the East Lancs railway passing the now disused Vernon's bandage factory on our way back to Todd Lane where we encountered tree felling and the start of construction work on the proposed new road linking Leyland Road and Walton Park. 

Special thanks to Doreen for taking the photos and to fellow members for advice on my first walk. 



Greg hasn't mentioned that when we got back to his house at the end of the walk we not only had a cup of tea in his kitchen but he had mde a really good hot-pot which was very much enjoyed by everyone there. In fact, it was that good he could be in line for the Amble!


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