Amble Marshalls Walk


Walk Leader: Ian Wardle

Number on walk: 9

Distance: 15 miles

Weather: Fine

Today we basically followed the short route. It was the best day all week weather wise with blue sky for most of the day which made for very good views particularly to the west. The climb up Great Hill was a bit boggy as expected and it was here where we came across the only path / route issue. The footbridge over the brook, half way up the climb, has a snapped plank which is a little concerning!

From the summit of Great Hill there were good views to the north over Preston and out to the coast, but it was rather bleak looking on Winter Hill which was cloaked in mist with no sign of the mast. Would this change by the time we got there?

We dropped down to White Coppice where we stopped for a short break after which we said farewell to John, who left us here to make his own way home.

It was at High Bullough Reservoir where we had our biggest surprise of the day. Just as we were approaching the reservoir three very muddy men in wet suits dragging a large net crossed the path in front of us. What on earth had they been up to? It turns out that the reservoir had just been drained so that repair works could take place and these three fine chaps had been brought in to remove all the fish and put them into the Anglezarke reservoir. They had come across some fine specimens and there was one extremely large carp which was the only one of its kind left after being introduced 20 years ago. We then got talking to a very interesting man from United Utilities who was an expert on all the local reservoirs and water workings.  Turns out that High Bullough reservoir was the first to be constructed in the area and it was to provide water for Chorley. The Anglezarke and Rivington reservoirs were constructed much later to provide water for Liverpool. A very knowledgeable chap who we should have got the name of as he would be a very good speaker at one of our meetings.

After some time we continued on our way stopping at Rivington Hall barn for our lunch. We then climbed up through the Rivington Terrace Gardens which was another surprise. It's amazing how much work has taken place since this time last year. Our route is so much easier to follow now and is actually signposted most of the way by fingerposts leading to the Bungalow.

Unfortunately, the conditions had not changed on Winter Hill so we were in very thick mist, no sign of the mast even as we past it, until we dropped off down the other side. New fences and styles at Ornamental reservoir mean the route description needs altering slightly. Looking back from the Witton Weavers Way the conditions on Winter hill were now so much different with no mist and clear skies. 

Thanks again to Angela for checking the route description and to all who turned up. 

Photos can be seen 'here'