Tuesday 15th. January. Walk from Spring Meadow Community Centre.


Unlike the previous Tuesday, today was clear, bright and frosty and, apart from the customary mud in places, ideal for walking.



From Spring Meadow, the walk took us through Cuerden Valley and Whittle le Woods to Top Lock, on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal. We then followed the tow path to the point where we were able to leave the canal and make a loop round by Withnell Fold. After having lunch in a small park, we then headed past an old mill, which once produced fine quality paper used all over the world for making bank notes.


After re-joining the canal for a short way, we cut off through the fields to Brindle, where the tale goes the locals tried to wall in a cuckoo, in the belief they could harness Spring all the year round. As the state of some of the fields in that area testify, their efforts were in vain. Henceforth anyone who has lived in Brindle from birth is now regarded as a 'Brindle Cuckoo'.


Another point of interest came a little later at Top o' th' Lane where a plaque on a wall reminds us this was once a notoriously severe workhouse housing 'paupers and lunatics'. After a short pause there and a stop to take in the wide view fron Denham Hill, we gradually descended back into Cuerden Valley and onwards to Spring Meadow, where Shirley was waiting with hot drinks and biscuits.


There were 14 on the walk, which clocked in at a little over 11 miles.