Abbey Village - 1st. January 15

New Year's Day Walk - 2015


The walk had only been announced at relatively short notice and given the rather miserable weather forecast, family committments and seasonal coughs, colds and sneezes, a small group of 8 for today's walk, was as many as could be expected. Even your roving reporter could only make the start and the beer afterwards in The Hare and Hounds - hence the short report and lack of pictures.

If those that went on the walk are to be believed, they did a circuit out from Abbey Village, then up to Tockholes and into Sunnyhurst Woods for a shortish lunch break.

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After lunch and in increasingly heavy rain John, leader for the day, took his merry band up through Ryal Fold and deviously through Roddlesworth Woods back to Abbey Village, where the warmth and ambience of the Hare and Hounds was too much to resist. A walk of only 8 miles, but fear not, there's much more to to follow in 2015. Thanks John.