Nice Thoughts on Easter Monday

Nice Thoughts on Easter Monday.

I believe a Policeman, after years of training, could be excused for always spotting the bad things in life. Therefore during this spell of social distancing and being asked to only make essential journeys, are they not instinctively going to notice people breaking the rules, whilst out walking? On the other hand an artist is likely to spot the nice things he/she sees.

Whether this is true or not I’ll probably never know. But nevertheless this Easter Monday, beautiful weather and all, I decided on our walk today, I would be an artist and only observe and focus my mind and camera on the nice things.

So we duly set off walking from our garden, then out past Lisieux Hall, through Cuerden Valley and Whittle to Denham Hill, taking pictures and admiring Spring flowers, blossom and views out to Rivington and Darwen Tower. On the way back we paused on the bridge over the M61 and were amazed at the lack of traffic for late afternoon on a bank holiday Monday. We then continued home through Cuerden again. You can see some of the nice things we saw (M61 excluded) 'here'.


This was very much of a mundane walk for us, one we’ve done many times. But it’s surprising how much beauty there is around us, if we only look. It can help us through these difficult times and on the bright side, it won’t last for ever.

Best wishes to all our members and apologies if I’ve offended any of our ex. copper friends in my opening comments.