Saturday 26th. January  High Bentham.


 A heavy snowfall the day before and during the night kept several of our members at home. As a result only 6 of us donned our boots, on what turned out to be a beautiful day. What's more there was only a light covering of snow in the Bentham area as opposed to the 4 - 12 inches at home.


Dave, our leader for the day, led us out across the golf course and through the fields to Ingleton. Pristine snow, blue skies and a mantle of cloud lightly draped over Ingleborough made it a joy to be out.


From Ingleton we headed westwards through fields, never far from the River Greta, to Burton in Lonsdale, then onwards to Tunstall and lunch.


Our return took us through Wrayton, Goodenbergh, Lower Bentham and finally along the very pleasant path beside the River Wenning to our cars.


A total of 16 miles in all and a good day out. Thanks Dave.