Moss Bank Park Jan 5th

11 people arrived at Moss Bank Park for this walk led by Jean Bobker. After all the rain recently it was good not to have to don waterproof trousers even before we set off. After going through the park we climbed a muddy path to reach the Old Links Golf course where it started to rain and some members decided to put on the waterproofs there. Next we dropped down to Barrow Bridge and turned left up the steep flight of 40 (or is it 60?) steps which took us on the path to Walker Fold and the track above Burnt Edge. 

Leaving the good track, we carefully descended the narrow, muddy and slippery path leading to Sheep Cote Green Farm and having lunch shortly afterwards on the lane near Chadwicks Close Farm. Jean pointed out the two Ferraris in their glass covered garage at Hampsons Farm but it was raining quite heavily now so we didn't stay long looking at them. The afternoon saw us walking round Smithills Hall before making our way back to the cars. Jean had shorthened the walk making it about 8.5 miles but, given the underfoot conditions, everyone was quite happy with that and we got back around 1.45pm.

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