F.O.T.Y 2012



Eleven stalwart members, and one dog named Tommy, of the Group, under the leadership of John Titterington set off from Abbey Village for the annual 10 mile First Of The Year walk. 

Hot ginger wine was consumed and the walk commenced.

From the start the weather looked as though it might be reasonable but we put on waterproof jackets and very soon we donned the trousers as well for the rest of the walk. 

On reaching Darwen Tower lunch was taken on the sheltered side of the monument.

The return partof the walk was across Darwen moor, passing the Lions den, to Slipper Lowe and thenback to Abbey Village.

During this part the wind and rain was horrendous and we were glad to reach the woods which offered a bit of protection.

Some membvers then visited the local pub to have a new year drink together and to get warmed up.

A good day was had by all?????

Sorry no photographs are available due to any camera getting waterlogged.