Lancashire Witches Way

Ian and Neil's reccy of part of the Lancashire Witches Way

On Friday March 20th, Ian and Neil, having arranged to meet some days before, and before the increased isolation measures introduced by the government, completed a short 11 mile walk in the Bowland Fells with the purpose of understanding part of the route of Lancashire Witches Way. This was scheduled to be walked by the Group in April 2020 but with our current restrictions this has been postponed. We will, of course, now rearrange this at a latter date.

The beginning of the third leg of the walk follows Langden Brook from near Sykes Farm just north of Dunsop Bridge to the summit of Hawthornthwaite Fell Top. The fells around here have few distinct paths so it was important to understand this part of the route in advance. Also in the route there is an intriguing instruction from the summit of just "follow a bearing of 320 degrees to the road". The initial climb up the valley as you probably know is a good track but before long this ends and then it is "freestyling" across the typical Bowland moorland. From the end of the track we headed north until we reached the fence that runs along the ridge and then we followed this west to the summit, which is marked by a trig point that has fallen over exposing its large concrete foundations.