Will o th' Moon Wander, 24/01/15

Ten walkers and three dogs set out from Foulridge Wharf with the promise from BBC Weather of a bright day with only a "very slim" chance of a shower. After 5 minutes walk along the canal, we struck lucky and the shower came - heavy and cold enough to put waterproofs on, and lasting just a few minutes until our route took us uphill to Noyna Top, where most people took them off again. Sliding around on a mix of slushy snow and mud (which everyone became very adept at as the day gave us plenty of practice at it), we dropped downhill to Noyna End, then across field paths to Skipton Old Road and a welcome mile of tarmac up Long Lane and into Laneshawbridge, from where the Pendle Way led us to a brew stop at Wycoller. We next went up Turnhole Clough and along Boulsworth Dyke, where we enjoyed a few miles of easier conditions underfoot as the snow was still quite firm up there. Dropping to Coldwell Reservoir, we took field paths to Burwains Farm and quarry, and had a lunch stop in the shepherd's hut. Easy tarmac then took us down to Catlow Bottoms fords (bravely swum by Poppy the Border Terrier), up to Catlow and along the bridle path to the Walton memorial. Then came a series of very muddy paths (fortunately mostly downhill!) to Doughty Farm and through woods until we emerged on the road at the top of Lenches. Glenn had to be restrained from turning left and visiting the Lord Rodney pub, as our route lay to the right, along the right bank of Colne Water to Carry Bridge and then the left bank to Cottontree. Then it was up to and across the main road to more field paths which took us up to Moss Houses, Noyna Hall and an easy downhill finish back to Foulridge and a wecome brew at Cafe Cargo.

In spite of missing out walking through the farm which I'd named the walk after (too much slutch!) we still clocked up 17.6 miles and had a good day out. Thanks to Julie Obermeyer for the photo.