Entwistle Res. Tuesday 2 Feb. 16

Entwistle Reservoir; Tuesday 2nd. February 2016

The Pictures.

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The Walk.

Walk leaders:- Glyn and Julie Watson.

On the reckky for this walk my sat nav read 10.1 miles.... The problem was that todays reading was 9.6 miles..... Now me and Julie did stop off at the Strawberry Duck and I did trot to the bar a few times so perhaps I did half a mile in the pub :-)....

The weather was dry but a tad blowy, 15 set off with 2 having new parts fitted and keen for a road test... Following the route of the Warpers Trail we passed Clough House Farm (some decent bricks in the building) and dropped to pass the railway over an ornate bridge constructed in 1848 ; a legacy of James Kay a textile entrepreneur who insisted on the style (in keeping with the estate). Dropping down to the north end of Jumbles Reservoir the group turned left and up Bradshaw Brook. Hitting Turton Bottoms we then climbed up to to the Barlow Institute ( looks to have a good bowling green) then headed to Wayoh Reservoir. Climbing high the group then dropped to ford the feeder river and then climbed to the Strawberry Duck pub. The weather being mixed in the day our earlier lunch stop was blessed with sunshine the weather now turned overcast and we climbed to the east of Entwistle Reservoir for a couple of miles. Turning left we dropped to the reservoir (which was rather full to the brim) and kept to the east and followed the banks back to the dam and back to the cars (for 2pm).


 A day when the track was firm underfoot (apart from a small section prior to Entwistle reservoir) and the mud was left in the fields for once.
Thanks Glyn for leading the walk and for this report. Stan.