Chipping - Tues. 18 Feb. 14

Chipping - Tues. 18 Feb. 14

This was a circular walk in the shaddow of the Bowland Hills, through very pleasant countryside and farmland. The day was set fair, with good sunny spells and, considering the time of year, ideal for our 10 mile walk.

Bearing in mind the wet, soggy state the recent rain had left our fields in, Brian (our walk leader for the day) chose to take us on a route that was to follow tracks and quiet country lanes as much as possible. Leaving Chipping our walk went eastwards past Dairy Barn, Leagram Mill, then heading in a more northerly direction through Lower and Higher Greystoneley and Tunstall Ing to Higher Fence Wood. Here we turned back on ourselves and headed southwards through Dinkling Green and Lickhurst Farms, before heading westwards to our lunch stop near Ginney Hey.

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After lunch we continued our walk northwards to Burnslack, snugly tucked in under the steep slopes of Wards End, then along to Saddle End Farm. Now with our backs to the hills we made our way back to our cars in Chipping, passing through Chipping Lawn on the way.

We had 16 members on the walk, some of whom must have been more tired from chatting than they were from the walk - names not supplied!

Thanks Brian.