Sawley, Tuesday July 26th

Arrived at Spread Eagle, Sawley at 9:40, already 10 people there, by 10:00 18. First question, why is stile Ken doing a walk with 26 stiles?

Answer if the gates don't open there are 31. We set off in a light drizzle which lasted about 10 mins, then the gods took a shine on us and the rain stopped.

We crossed the river and headed out of Sawley into the surrounding fields. A steady climb, with a few of the stiles and good views of Pendle Hill took us to Till House and a regroup. Then on to what is left of Grindleton Forest and a gentle descent to West Bradford for lunch in the small but well kept Millenium  park. We continued over the river Ribble for a pleasant return along the RIbble Way,seeing heron, gooseanders, various unknown ducks and fish. Then the shock of the day. Why have we broken into trot at the front? Lets get real here - has any body ever known me  get into a trot? We descend into Sawley and as we pass the start of the walk I ask if anyone wants another circuit but every body seems quite happy to return to the start.

For my first walk as leader I was pleased the weather stayed fine, I did not get mis-placed, and the company as ever was great ,Maybe I could be tempted to try and lead another.

Stile Ken   

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