The Nuttalls


The Nuttalls

Over the past few years, along with my walking partner Ian Wardle, I have been bagging the Mountains of England and Wales by John and Anne Nuttall. Our latest trip to the Western Black Mountains on October 23rd 2018 was to Crickhowell. The area is by no means overrun and on our visit to these mountains we encountered more horses than people. 

Parking up by the only road in the area we immediately faced a steep climb through bracken and heather to reach the finest of the seven summits Pen Cerrig-calch (limestone Head). Five more summits Pen Allt-mawr, Pen Twyn Glas, Mynydd Llysiau, Waun Fach and Pen y Gadair Fawr were then crossed. Only a further mile and a half to reach my final summit of Pen Twyn Mawr (Great Hill Top). I see another Great Hill every day so an appropriate completion!

This had been an ambitious day, finishing back at the car at 6.30pm after 14 hard miles, shattered!

I would like to thank Ian for his company and patience in being held back by my slower pace. I believe Ian still has 13 summits to do; no doubt he has a future plan.

Photos of the day can be seen ‘here’


John Evenden