Creaking Gates along the Prom

Creaking Gates Along the Prom.

One of our fit lasses, whilst striding out on The Lancashire Way, made the comment that the sea front North of Bispham had been tastefully strengthened and now made quite a pleasant walk.

This caused ears to flap resulting in three of our fit lasses,(Jaqui. Sue F and Shirley) deciding it would be a good idea to give their husbands, namely Kenneth, Steve and Stan (3 creaking gates!) an airing, and walk them out along the Prom.

So, on the 7th. November 18 the 3 fit lasses with Jaqui in command, led their husbands onto the Promenade near the Bispham tram stop and headed North along the front, at a very modest pace.

The conversation between 'the creaking gates' centred initially around health issues, as they oiled their hinges by unloading some of their woes into sympathetic ears. Fortunately this didn't last long as our stroll was punctuated at regular intervals by Jaqui (the local Guru) pointing out items of interest  as we went along.

Then calamity! The cafe which Jaqui was heading for turned out to be closed. She'd been assured only a few days earlier they would be open. But as it so happened fortune favours the brave, as only a few yards away there was a cosy pub which served us excellent coffee and cakes.

Duly refreshed we were able to resume our stroll, eventually leaving the Prom, just North of Rossall School. By then as the weather had deteriorated, we were glad to take the tram back South to our starting point in Bispham.

The walk itself was just shy of 4 miles, but who cared? Old acquaintances had been restored and friendships carved out of miles of walking together had been restored. A sequel to this get together is already being planned.