A nice message

Hi All,

Rather weary after our 10 mile walk last Friday, we arrived back to our cul de sac to discover many of our neighbours enjoying a street party in honour of the VE Day anniversary celebrations. Not wishing to be stand offish we dragged our creaking bones along and joined them. Whist there, to strains of Dame Vera going on in the background, we got chatting to our elderly neighbour Hilda. In conversation she told us of a film her granddaughter had made, whilst furloughed from work, and filmed in an area familiar to most of us, round Denham Hill and Top Lock. On request she got her granddaughter, Sophie, to send us a link to the film, which we enjoyed watching very much.

I thought others amongst us would enjoy it also, and have received Sophie’s permission to pass the link along. She did the filming herself and wrote the narrative which Grandma Hilda (an ex. Tiller Girl) narrates.

Here it is:-


Enjoy and best wishes to all.