Chipping Walk, February 12th


17 people and 3 dogs left Chipping on a grey but dry morning on a walk led by Brian Siddle. He had revised his planned route to avoid bogs and yet more muddy fields and came up with a good walk which kept mostly to tracks, lanes and a few, mostly dry fields.

We went past Leagram Mill, Greystonely, Dinkling Green and had our lunch sitting on a banking near some stepping stones. 

 The afternoon saw us going past Burnslack Farm, Saddle End Farm and Chipping Lawn to arrive back at our cars with 10 miles under our belts at 1.45pm.  Our walking speed was 3.2 mph which was faster than the usual

Tuesday walk and everyone agreed that they had had a good day out arriving back early but dry and not caked in mud either.

                                                                                                                  Thanks, Brian