Potter Fell



Walk Leaders: Richard & Jackie Whiteley

Number on walk: 17

Distance: 10 miles

Weather: Wet and windy


We met at the north west end of the Staveley old road, adjacent to the A591. After a quick photo and a diversion to the public toilets, we crossed the river Kent at Barley Bridge, turning right, then immediately left up the public footpath to Littlewood Farm. Turning right onto the tarmac lane for a few 100yds, before turning left to Birkfield. From here we started our ascent up Potter Fell passing Potter Tarn and Gurnal Dubs where we had a very wet & windy lunch. We were amazed to see 2 women in skimpy swimming costumes and bobble hats appearing from behind the boathouse for a quick swim.

After our brief lunch, we set off at a brisk pace to warm up along the track towards Birkrigg, turning right down through the fields, joining Potter Fell road and turning right towards Staveley. After a few hundred yards, we turned left at ‘the Library’ down to Shepherd Green and on to Beetham Bank, then heading west back to join the Potter Fell road. Weather remained inclement with very muddy and wet conditions underfoot. Turning right, we reached Mirefoot and once again ascend Potter Fell. Luckily the weather improved at this point and so we had a second stop to devour any uneaten lunch. Shortly after this we turned left down to the road at Haggfoot. Continuing down the footpath, we crossed the river Kent and followed the Dales Way back to Staveley.

Photos can be seen 'here'