Tockholes, Great Hill & Winter Hill

Walk Leader: John Clarke

Number on walk: 6

Distance: 14 miles

Weather: Sunshine


Six hardy souls suitably equipped with factor fifty sun cream, hats and sunglasses braved the relentless beating sun to take part in the walk which commenced with a thankfully shaded section down through Roddlesworth Woods. A little used path off the Witton Weavers Way was taken by the river passing the waterfalls which given how little rain the region has experienced recently were amazingly in almost full flow..

The path eventually emerged on the Belmont Road which was crossed and the long climb to the summit of Great Hill began. The clear conditions provided some excellent views of the area from the slopes and eventual summit. 

From Great Hill the stone slab path to Winter Hill was taken passing over Redmonds Edge, again fantastic views of the area were available. 

Sheephouse Lane was reached and was followed for a short distance towards Rivington before the group turned off onto the track leading to The Leverhulme Rivington Gardens. This was followed again for only a short distance before the path leading to the summit of Winter Hill was taken. 

After a short sharp climb the summit was reached affording some extensive views into the East of the region.

Lunch was taken on Winter Hill before the descent down to Belmont through Folds Pasture. The Belmont Road was reached immediately to the Bolton side of the village, the road was crossed and a path to the east of the village across fields was taken which eventually linked in with The Witton Weavers Way which was followed back to Roddlesworth and the walk start point.