Hoddlesden, Sept 28th


Walk Leader:         Jean Bobker

Number on walk:    8

Distance:               10.2 miles

Weather:              Mainly wet or very wet

Jean had informed us that it would be best if we wore long trousers for this walk but, as it happened, it didn't matter as we were all togged up in full waterproofs all day. We went via Marsh House, Luddington and Quaker Fold farm where Jean pointed out the small, old quaker graveyard and the old carving above the door at what is now New Inn farm.

After a long, steady pull we reached Belthorn, the highest village in Lancashire, where we stopped for lunch and where it had stopped raining. Unfortunately, this didn't last long and soon we were wet through again as we made our way uphill to Pickup Bank and a moorland stretch over another Great Hill before returning to Pickup Bank. Jean told us that the small church did not have any electricity or gas and any church services were kept warm using a coal fire. Pete Lang also told us that he had been christened there and some of his wife's relatives were buried in the cemetery.

On the way back to Hoddlesden, Jean showed us the rather palatial house that the man who is sorting out Darwen Tower lives and has his own helicopter in the garage. The rain was really chucking it down now which was a shame because Jean had put a lot of effort into this walk, finding a lot of interesting things and places to tell us about.



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