Cinderbarrow 6th Nov

Walk Leader:  Doreen /Gareth

Number:         8

Distance:        16 miles

Weather:       Dry and mild in the morning, wet and windy in the afternoon

With hopes of a dry day ahead we left the car park at Cinderbarrow making our way through Yealand Hall Allotments and Dollywood Lane to Gaitbarrows and Silverdale Hawes Water. Everything was still fine as we walked through Eaves wood and up to the Pepper Pot which was our scheduled lunch stop. Alas, by the time we reached it, the weather had changed and the rain and wind set in so we had lunch a bit lower down the hillside. The afternoon was taken by walking through the woods to Woodwell and through Fleagarth wood to reach the embankment crossing Quakers Stang to Crag Foot. It was a good job the banking was raised as I've not seen so much water in the fields and at one time I wondered if we were able to use that path! More woodland paths took us to Yealand Redmayne and back down the road to the cars at 3.50pm.