Two out of Three, Tues May 10th

Ten walkers assembled in Ingleton on a fine breezy morning.  Our route was to take us over Ingleborough and Whernside.  Heading out up Fell Lane towards Crina Bottoms we had a full head on wind which didn't improve as we climbed. When the summit was reached it was a mad dash for the wind shelter where we had a short break. Across the plateau to pick up the path following the edge over Southern Scales Fell and Park Fell before dropping steeply to Colt Park.

            A short stretch of road followed to take us to the caravan at Ribble Head for lunch. The route then followed the railway to cross at Blea Moor Tunnel and follow the flagged path onto the ridge, where the wind coming up the escarpment really was fierce.  The long ridge line, following the never ending wall over West Fell, took us to Scar End and a short stretch of road back to Ingleton

            Thanks to the other nine walkers who came with me for a very good walk of 19 miles.

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