Turton, Holkar Meadows Tues 30 Sept 14

Holkar Meadows, Turton 30th. Sept. 2014

In order to avoid paths we had walked several times before Kath, our walk leader for the day, took us out on a mainly urban route, that was quite complicated and isn't easy to describe. The main points of interest on this section were the historic 16th. century Hall i'th' Wood and, shortly afterwards, the Meeting of the Waters, namely Dean Brook and Eagley Brook. Once across the busy Moss Bank Way and into Smithills Country Park, the sun came out and the scenery improved considerably, as we then headed upwards to Smithills Hall and our lunch break.

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Lunch over several in the group had a good 'nosey' round the hall, before we continued on our way out of the Country Park, up past Tippett Farm then down through Horrock's Fold towards Dunscar. From there a short climb took us up towards the Last Drop village, then after following the path above a huge disused quarry, we made our way through the upper part of Turton Golf Course. By now the day had warmed up to a quite unseasonably high temperature and it was with a summery feel we started the descent to Turton Hall and Turton Jumbles, taking in the views across to Holcombe Tower as we went along.

A pleasant walk round Jumbles Reservoir, a stop at the loos, then a short ascent took us back to Holkar Meadows where Kath kindly lavished us with tea and scones as we relaxed afterwards in her back garden.

The walk itself was a little over 10 miles long and 13 of us took part. Thanks a lot to Kath, our leader and Ann for baking and providing the scones.