Huncoat Trail

Walk Leader :       David Whittaker

Number on walk:   8

Distance:              8.3 miles

Weather:             Dry and sunny

Eight walkers set off from opposite Huncoat railway station in very pleasant weather for an 8.3 mile walk through Hameldon Woods, Hameldon Scouts (disused stone workings), Kings Highway (ancient road), Castle Clough Wood, Mill Hill picnic area, The Coppice Accrington, Peel Park and a number of other places. Lunch was taken in the old quarry workings at the top of Hameldon where it was sheltered from what at times was quite a strong wind. From next to the monument at the top of the Coppice it gave a very good view of Accrington and its surrounding area. It was very pleasing to see Shirley Bradshaw and Steve Martin's daughter Siobhan on the walk. The walk was taken at a gentle pace and the weather was very kind to us with no rain at all.


Photos can be seen 'here'