Bog Dodgers Way Anytime Challenge Walk

Bog Dodgers Badge

A 20 mile walk across Black Hill And Saddleworth Moors which visits some of the wettest bogs on the Pennines

The walk starts at Marsden Church GR 047 117. The route is then via the Wessenden Valley to reach the A635 at Isle of Skye, Digley Reservoir, Holme Village, Black Hill, Saddleworth Moor, Standedge and Tunnel End.

The walk follows the route of the original Pennine Way from Black Hill across Saddleworth Moors to Standedge and it can be very difficult in adverse weather conditions (rain and mist). Crossing these moors is not to be recommended in misty conditions without the aid of a compass and the abilty to use it effectively.

Route descriptions can be obtained without charge:

Sending either a SAE to Aaron Hookway 6B Plantation Rd Thorne Doncaster DN8 5EA or E-mail

A badge and certificate is available for successful completions at £3.00 plus SAE.


Disclaimer: - Please read.
Under no circumstances can either the Long Distance Walkers Association or the Vermuyden Group accept any responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses that may be incurred by any persons attempting this route. Nor can any responsibility be accepted for any damage or injury caused by anyone using this route. The route and the information regarding it is given in good faith, but it is the personal responsibility of every one who attempts the route to check the Rights of Way and ensure that they keep to them and their personal safety is their own responsibility. Anyone who uses the route is solely responsible for any damage to property or person that they might cause.




01 Wessenden Lodge 02 Wessenden Valley03 Black Hill from Issues Road 04 Pennine Way - Black Hill Summit 05 Black Hill - Summit 06 Dean Head from Black Hill 07 Featherbed Moss - Saddleworth Moor 08 White Moss 09 Black Moss Reservoir 10 Redbrook Reservoir 11 Towards Uppermill from Standedge 12 Millstone Edge 13 Ammon Wrigley Memorial Stone - Millstone Edge 14 Little Moss - Packhorse Road 15 Close Gate Packhorse Bridge 16 Huddersfield Narrow Canal - Marsden