Our Annual Long Walk - 2018 - The Pride of the Peak

Pride of Peak route

Saturday 16th June

6 members and 3 visitors made up 9 folk meeting up at the appointed hour of 08:30 at the car park Bakewell. To walk the 2018 Vermuyden LDWA annual long walk. The 30ml Pride of the Peak route.

The first village we came to was Sheldon, with the Baslow Boot Bash challenge walk today we were at the first CP before the marshals. Along Taddington Dale we came to Monsal Head with a little climb to the seats at the top for coffee.

Leaving Monsal Head we made our way down towards Cressbrook and Tidewell Dale, through Wardlow we had another short stop for snacks at Longstone Moor.

Another 3 miles saw us in the village of Hassop at 14:30. With the pub closing at 15:00 a quick stop ensued with a promise of ice cream later.

Coming to Calver we all cried with relief the note on the ice cream parlour door was ‘be back in 2 mins’. Once all had enjoyed an ice cream we knew we had a tough climb to the top of Froggat Edge. Another stop here for all to have a breather (finish our sandwiches). Walking along the edge we could see the skies darkening and a storm approaching once we got to Curber Gap it didn’t half come down, the footpaths and roads turned into rivers.

By the time we hit Baslow (all Bash entrants finished) most had dried out and then at Chatsworth House the waterproofs were off, making a pleasant walk through Carlton Pastures back to our cars at Bakewell for 20:00 for a well earned pint.