A Perambulation to Pocklington 15th May 2011

A Perambulation to Pocklington

Sunday 15th May 2011

Leader Frank Lawson

9 Members met in the free car park behind Market Weighton Church.
The weather being chilly and overcast.

Today's route would take us from Market Weighton through Harswell, Everingham, Bielby, Pocklington via the Canal, Kilnwick then on the Wolds Way through Nunburnholme, Londesborough and Towthorpe.

Frank leading from the erm erm back

The first stop of the day at Bielby and a welcome bite to eat. The bench being reserved for our leader, oldies and the injured. Once again Tom did'nt let us down by spilling blood for the group after head-butting a stray branch. Not sure how Lynda managed to sneak on the bench though?

Coates Lock on the Pocklington Canal

Pocklington Canal opened in 1818 and is 9.5 miles in length. It starts 1 mile from Pocklington at Canal head to the junction with the River Derwent although currently only 5 miles are navigable.

The estimated cost to build the canal was £32,032 but after a few minor alterations to the original plans in ran over budget slightly costing £32,695. The 1 mile extension into Pocklington never happened due to cost

It mainly carried coal and agricultural products it was never a success commercially, the last working keel, the Ebenezer used the canal until 1932 after which the canal fell into disrepair. A proposal in 1959 to infill the canal came under fire from residents and landowners who lobbied MP's and after extensive publicity the canal was saved.

In 1969 the Pocklington Canal Amenity Society was formed with plans eventually to restore the canal to its original state.

A short stop at Coates Lock, not sure what everybodies looking at but Dennis does'nt seem interested.

Walking down the Canal towards Canal Head, Lynda looks all at peace with herself and still smiling despite the light rain. Pocklington Canal is a haven for wildlife and is listed as a top 10 Waterboard site for bird watching in England.

This plaque is fastened to a bench at Canal Head.

On 27th November 1943 a Lancaster Bomber crashed into a farmhouse here killing its crew and two members of public. Part of 50 squadron based at Skellingthorpe, Lincolnshire it had been diverted to Pocklington Airfield because it was running out of fuel but unfortunately due to fog it failed to land on the first attempt, after running out of fuel and losing height it clipped tree tops and crashed. The crew were returning from a mission over Berlin.

Walking over the driving range at Pocklington Golf Course between the 200 and 250 meter boards, fortunately moving targets are harder to hit !!

Homeward bound along the Wolds Way

Nearly home and ambushed by these friendly fellows after a few minutes of finger 'suckling' we finally ended the walk.

Thanks to Frank Lawson for leading a good walk and a very enjoyable day.

The rain mainly held off apart from several light short showers and we managed a couple of Yorkshire Terriers in the Three Feathers in Pocklington (and a very nice drink it was )
01 Frank leading from the back 02 Morning stop at Bielby 03 Coates Lock, Pocklington Canal 04 Something interesting at Coates Lock? 05 Lynda still smiling 06 Memorial Plaque on Bench, Canal Head 07 Target Practice on Pocklingon Golf Course 08 Along The Wolds Way 09 Lambs on The Wolds Way