Meltham Catch Walk 19th June 2011


JUNE 19th 2011

Leader Roy Turner

12 group members and 3 guests (plus 2 dogs) met at the Royal Oak in Upperthong near Holmfirth on a chilly and overcast June morning.

Today's walk took us around the Holme Valley. This interesting and varied route took us past Digley Res, Meltham Moor, Meltham, Blackmoorfoot Res, Netherton, Honley, Honley Woods and back to Upperthong via Wolfstone.

Digley Reservoir, last of the Summer Wine Country.
01 Last of the Summer wine country 02 Queuing behind the old fellow 03 Have you overwatered that plant ? 04 First of four 05 British Beef at its finest 06 Single file 07 Sluice gate near Meltham 08 The Happy table 09 When the chips are down 10 An exciting brick find 11 Come on Frank !!