Roys pre 100 Trail

It was an unexpectedly small group of Irregulars who met in Penistone to walk in an area Roy knows so well. The walk was about 15 miles of the 2021 proposed route and then a loop back to the cars. The walk had plenty of variety and interest. Roy gave out snippets of interesting information throughout the day, including showing us where he had carved on a tree the names and dates of his two dogs. Does that count as graffiti; I didn’t think Roy was a vandal? On route we had a welcome pub stop where the landlord was happy for us to eat our sandwiches.

It was a little longer than billed but with a leader like Roy, who cares? A lovely walk that he had put a lot of time and effort planning. A very social walk but Roy one of the best LDWA walk leaders deserves better support.

Thank you Roy