Wye Wander 24th July 2011

Wye Wander

Sunday 24th July 2011

Leader Dave Sheldon

12 Vermuyden members and two guests (Terry & Ruth G) met at the Church in Ashford in the water on a chilly morning which turned out to be a beautiful warm day.

Todays route took us from Ashford to Bakewell then following the River Wye and Monsal trail using the newly opened tunnels calling through Millers Dale, Chee Dale, Topley with Lunch at the Church Inn, Chelmorton. The return journey taking in Deep Dale and Great Shacklow Woods.
01 Outskirts of Bakewell 02 Dave Ashford near home ? 03 Entering the newly opened tunnel 04 A bit of a climb 05 Miller's Dale 06 There is a group in there 07 Topley Quarry 08 Re grouping 09 The Church Inn, Chelmorton 10 The Bridge at Ashford