LDWA: The Year in Review - December 2021

The Year in Review – December 2021

As we all know, the year was not without its challenges for the Association, but we are working to address these and plan to make progress during the year ahead.

However, as we leave 2021 behind it was good to remind myself of some of the more positive things that occurred throughout the year.

  • The resurgence of Local Group Social walks following lockdown
  • Seeing many of our Challenge Events back in the calendar
  • Updating and improving many areas of our website
  • Issuing the 50,000th membership number
  • Publication of our Inclusion Strategy and the startup of some pilot projects
  • Putting on a very different 100-mile event
  • A face-to-face Local Group Representatives’ Weekend
  • The publication of the 150th issue of Strider
  • Publication of our Valuing our Volunteers Strategy and joining the NCVO
  • A growth in interest in our online and social media presence as evidenced by
    • Over 2 million unique views to our website
    • Over 1,000 posts to the twitter accounts viewed over half a million times
    • More than 1,000 new followers to the LDWA accounts
    • 22,000 log-ins to member only pages
    • 32,000 views of Challenge Event listings
    • 73,000 unique hits on our Long Distance Paths pages
  • Establishing two new National Groups and the wider take up of MeetUp
  • Planning and preparation for our 50th Anniversary Year

Thank you all – we couldn’t do what we do without you, our members, making things happen. 

We understand that a lot of you have had a difficult and challenging two years, so I hope that 2022 can not only be a celebration for the Long Distance Walkers’ Association, but can also be a healthy, happy and positive year for you too.

There will be a return to normal newsletters in January.

In the meantime Happy Walking


Julie Cribb
Chair, LDWA