Steppingley Step

Steppingley Step - Sunday 19th November 2023
26, 18 and 12 mile routes from Barton-Le-Clay 

Event Report
Finishing Times

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Analysis of Entries

Lost property:  Please contact    to claim

Route Descriptions26 miles   18 miles   12 miles

GPX Files:  

All Routes     Start to CP1
Short Route  CP1 to Finish
Medium Route CP1 to CP3
Long Route     CP1 to CP2
Long Route     CP2 to CP3
Long & Medium Routes  CP3 to Finish


STEPPINGLEY STEP - Sunday 17th November 2019

Finishing Times   Event Report

Route Descriptions:
Long 26 miles       word (86 MB)  pdf (407KB)   gpx file    (334KB)
Medium 18 miles  word (46MB)   pdf (461KB)   gpx file    (230KB)
short 12 miles      word (29KB)    pdf  (206KB)  gpx file    (17KB)


STEPPINGLEY STEP -  Sunday 20th November 2016

RESULTS (122KB)       Steve Clark's photos  are here

Route descriptions:  
12 mile word  (24KB) pdf (289KB)  
18 mile word (36KB) pdf (442KB)
26 mile word  (40KB) pdf (479KB)
gpx files: 12 mile (102KB)  18 mile (166KB)  26 mile (237KB)

Marshals' Walk - Sunday 30th October 2016


STEPPINGLEY STEP - Sunday 3rd November 2013

Finishing times xls (71KB) pdf (176KB).      Pictures
Feedback word (14KB) pdf (94KB)
Event details.

Route description:  New routes for 2013.                            
12 mile word (46KB) pdf (182KB)   
18 mile word (70KB) pdf (314KB)                                   
26 mile word (80KB) pdf (355KB)
gpx files: 12 mile (16KB)  18 mile (23KB)  26 mile (30KB)

Screen dumps of route:
12 mile word (2MB) pdf (492KB)
18 mile word (2MB) pdf (1MB)         
26 mile word (3MB) pdf (1MB)

Risk assessment: word (50KB) pdf (149KB).    Entry form: word (42KB) pdf (158KB).    Pictures from the marshals' walk.