BBN Clothing

All BBN clothing can be ordered individually from the manufacturer PECO  via the Beds Bucks Northants Group LDWA shop: PECO has set up a bespoke “sports kit arm” for online ordering. It’s so lovely and easy to use! You simply click on the item you are interested in and all the…

BBN Mugs, Buffs & Badges

BBN Mugs (£2), Badges (£1) and Buffs (£5) are available at BBN Challenge Events and are taken to most group walks.Contact Dave Findel-Hawkins or Mary Knight All BBN clothing - Tech T-Shirts, Fleeces and Beanies, plus a range of other garments - can be ordered individually from the…

Travelling Buffs

Travelling Buffs – where’s your buff been?The furthest, the highest, the strangest.  No prizes, just bragging rights.  photos

Where's Your BBN Kit Been?

Where's Your BBN Kit Been? photos photos  

BBN Marshals' T-Shirts

Our lovely new BBN marshals' T-shirts were delivered just in time to make their debut at the Hannington Hike on 1st March. A T-shirt will be given to everyone who marshals on one of our events or helps at a BBN checkpoint.