BBN Clothing

All BBN clothing can be ordered individually from the manufacturer PECO  via the Beds Bucks Northants Group LDWA shop: PECO has set up a bespoke "sports kit arm" for online ordering. It's so lovely and easy to use! You simply click on the item you are interested in and all the information…

BBN Mugs, Buffs & Badges

BBN Mugs (£2), Badges (£1) and Buffs (£5) are available at BBN Challenge Events and are taken to most group walks.Contact Dave Findel-Hawkins or Mary Knight All BBN clothing - Tech T-Shirts, Fleeces and Beanies, plus a range of other garments - can be ordered individually from the…

Travelling Buffs

Travelling Buffs – where’s your buff been?The furthest, the highest, the strangest.  No prizes, just bragging rights.  photos

Where's Your BBN Kit Been?

Where's Your BBN Kit Been? photos photos  

BBN Marshals' T-Shirts

Our lovely new BBN marshals' T-shirts were delivered just in time to make their debut at the Hannington Hike on 1st March. A T-shirt will be given to everyone who marshals on one of our events or helps at a BBN checkpoint.