About Social Walks

What is a Social Walk?

A social walk is a Group walk solely for the enjoyment of the members as a social event, and led by one of the Group. A social walk is the opportunity to meet the Group members, so come along and try one. We have a wide range of interests including beer, bell ringing, boats and ukuleles.

What happens on a Social Walk?

There are 2 walks on a Thursday each month, starting at 0930, and 2-3 walks each month on a Sunday, starting at 0900.  Note that we really mean it when we say "start at 0900". If you turn up at five past nine, we will have gone.

The overall pace is about 3 mph, including stops.  We stop for about 10 minutes in the morning and afternoon for tea or coffee, and 20 minutes at lunchtime. Sometimes we stop near a pub at lunchtime, for those who want to nip in for a quick drink.  Unless the route description says otherwise, you’ll need to bring food and drink for the day.  If the walk description is unclear, please ask the leader whose contact details will be on the website, or from the secretary. Typically Thursday walks are 15 miles; Sunday walks are around 20 miles, a bit shorter in the middle of winter, but the walk description will tell you how long it is.

I've never walked twenty miles before. How will I cope?

Most reasonably fit people can walk twenty miles. You may suffer the next day and find it a bit tough the first time, but after a few goes it will become easy. If you have any doubts, try walking 12 miles in four hours and see how you do.  We want you to enjoy the walks and come back again, not to think at the end "not doing that again!"

Is everyone super fit?

Certainly not.  Many people have walked with The Ramblers, and want to walk a bit further or faster. Some used to be super fit but have slowed down with age or injury.

What about the weather?

The walk will happen whatever the weather. The leader will adjust the route to the prevailing conditions.

Is there a charge?

No. If you’re not a member of the LDWA, come and join us for a few walks before joining.  Once you join the LDWA, you are automatically a member of BBN if you live in our area, and all social walks are free

No. The leaders will know how many are on the walk, and will wait for the slowest walkers to catch up every time there is the possibility of going wrong.

Do I need to phone beforehand?

No, but phone the leader if you have any questions.

Do I need a map?

No, but it doesn't hurt to bring one along if you have one.