Charity Requests and Donations

The group regularly receives email requests from charities. The committee has agreed that BBN should have a general group policy not to get involved with organising, promoting or entering specific charity events (as a group) because there are too many and we must say no to all to be fair to all.

The committee agreed that any donations made by BBN should reflect the activities of the group/LDWA, for example replacing stiles with kissing gates and improving bench provision, supporting Yorkshire Three Peaks remedial path works etc.  BBN has also regularly donated to the various Air Ambulances that cover our area.

It was agreed that the group would be happy to advertise any organised charity walk in our area that followed “the LDWA challenge event format” and which may be of interest to BBN members, but only if that walk does not clash with a BBN social walk or event.

The committee would also be happy to consider a request for advertising in the Newsletter from a member taking on a charitable challenge.

Donations agreed at 25th February committee meeting

£250 to the Donate-a-Gate scheme of North Bucks rRIPPLE (ramblers Repairing & Improving Public Paths for Leisure & Exercise). £250 covers the cost of a gate and includes a plaque commemorating the donor. The location of the gate is still to be decided.
Suggested by Ed Kendrick.

£50 to the fundraising appeal for the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team volunteer who suffered life changing injuries after falling during a rescue in February.
Suggested by Norman Corrin

The committee will keep members informed about  donations made and, the purpose, organisation and amount, and  very much welcome members’ suggestions for future donations.

8th March 2021