Greensand Ridge Benches Replacement Project

This project first started in 2019 but was severely impacted by the Covid pandemic. It is one of the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership projects and BBN have contributed £1,000 towards the total project cost of £4,000 to replace the original six BBN benches and provide at least two more along the Greensand Ridge Walk route. The new benches are of a much better design than the old ones and will be maintained by the Greensand Trust; and should last for well over 20 years.
The installation phase has now started and all six of the original benches are being replaced, beginning at those sites where the bench was actually missing, followed by those in a poor state of repair and finally those that are still safe but may soon need to be replaced. 
We will keep you posted as more of the benches are installed.
Information about the initial project is here Greensand Ridge Benches Project 

   Roy - the new bench installed at Everton and the new bench near Rushmere