Travelling Buffs

Travelling Buffs – where’s your buff been?

The furthest, the highest, the strangest.  No prizes, just bragging rights. 

5,416m, Tharong La Pass, Annapurnas, Nepal, minus 17 degrees, brrr!!
The Regular Irregular:  M's buff, BBN mugs + 2 Shillington Shuffle vets
At Moss in Norway, just setting off on an IVV Permanent Trail
At Horten Marksklubb, 25km south east of Oslo
Our Esteemed Former Chairman
A Concrete Cow
Great Shunner Fell
Ingleby Barwick  - Katherine Copeland's Golden Olympic Postbox
Only Half Way to Paradise?  Then get a BBN buff!
Badlands of Harrold Odell
Badlands of Harrold Odell
Three Peaks - Ingleborough
Three Peaks - Pen-y-ghent
Three Peaks - Whernside
World Athletic Championships
World Athletic Championships - Only One Buff
Book Bench - Sitting with Jane
Our Former Chairman
Lightweight on the Leeds Liverpool Canal
Lightweight on the Leeds Liverpool Canal
Martin's 20th Hundred
Martin's 20th Hundred
Chiltern Kanter CP
39,000 feet on a plane, does that qualify?  Just to be sure, we actually, walked on this plane...
Musical Frog
Worcestershire Beacon