From Here to There & Back

2017:   From Here to There & Back - Sunday 9th July 2017   


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Event cloth badge.

Marshals' walk  Sunday 11th June 2017



2016:   From Here to There & Back - Sunday 3rd July 2016

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Steve Clark's photos are here
2016 Route descriptions:  13 mile word (19KB)   19 mile word (20 KB)     27 mile  word (24KB)

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Event cloth badge:

Marshals' walk - Sunday 5th June 2016



2015: From Here to There & Back - Sunday 5th July 2015

Finishing times xls (21KB) pdf (261KB).

Steve's photos.

2015 Route descriptions:  13 mile word (34KB)    19 mile word (36KB)    27 mile word (49KB)

2015 GPX files: 13 mile (14KB)   19 mile (23KB)     27 mile (32KB)

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