Opportunity For An IT Operations Manager

Dear All,

Please find below details of an important opportunity to support the LDWA in the IT area. This is currently being advertised in Strider, on our website and via social media. Please could you circulate the details of this opportunity to your members and/ or include it in you next newsletter. Any one who is interested in the role, or finding out more, should contact Madeleine Watson on secretary@ldwa.org.uk

Kind Regards,

Karen Pickersgill

LDWA NEC Local Groups' Secretary

IT Operations Manager

We need some help!

Are you competent with technical information and able to assist those members who might not be quite as technically minded? And are you happy to commit some time for a year to get us in a more stable position?

We might just have the ideal role for you, and we think that it’s an exciting way to help the LDWA.

After speaking to members, we’ve had some feedback that our IT & Internet Director role is just too big, especially with the new IT project that we’re starting to work on. Rather than burden someone (and more likely, entirely put off) with this large role, we’ve decided to split it into two distinct parts. One role is for an IT operations manager, to keep things ticking over and running smoothly, whereas the second role is for more of a project manager who can take a lead on developing the new web-site strategy (we’re advertising this second role in the next issue of Strider).

We’re really looking now for someone to head up the IT operations team. There are a number of dedicated and skilled volunteer LDWA members who provide a lot of the support for our members and for our local groups. There is also our third party supplier who does some maintenance work and very limited development work (given that we have plans to develop a completely new website in the very near future). We are looking for someone to cover this role for a year, from the end of April 2021. This will give you time to settle in and see how the new arrangements work and it’s not too onerous a role in terms of the time it’ll take.

You don’t have to be an IT expert or specialist in computer science, just be competent with IT, be willing to learn and also keen to help others who need assistance. You won’t be left alone if you need help, but we’re hoping to get a team player who works well with other volunteers and is also willing to engage with the NEC to report how things are going and if you need extra help or resources.

For more information and to express an interest in the role, please contact Madeleine Watson on secretary@ldwa.org.uk.. If you’re not quite sure it’s for you or are nervous for any reason, please do still e-mail, just in case (and we might find something else you can help with!).