Flippin,eck | Saturday 30 October 2021

Walk Leader: Andy Miller
Participants: 14
Mileage: 19 miles
Ascent: 2,400 ft
Walk Report: Andy Miller
Weather: Wet in the morning, sunshine in the aftenoon
As it wasn't a great forecast I decided to change the route to involve
a bit more road walking if need be.
We set off from Leyburn due south to join Low Lane to the bridge at Wensley and then the riverside path to Lord,s Bridge.
From Lord,s Bridge we climbed all the way to Middleham High Moor across the gallops and then took the footpath to Melmerby where we had our first break.
From Melmerby we took a road section through the village of Carlton
to join the track all the way to West Burton where we had our 2nd break of the day .By this time the sun had come out.
From West Burton we took a footpath all the way to pass by the remains of the Preceptory of the Knights Templar.
We then joined a long lane which took us all the way to West Witton then a road section to Alma Farm .
We then rejoined the track to Lords Bridge and then took the track back to Wensley and then took the A 684 back to Leyburn.
At Leyburn Members very Kindly donated to the British Legion by buying Poppies and Badges.Thank You.  
Excellent Group Excellent Day

Photos by Liyang Tang