You May Know the Walk | Saturday 5 October 2019

Walk Leader: Anton Nielsen
Participants: 14
Mileage: 22 miles
Walk Register: Yes
Walk Report: Anton Nielsen

Across the shawl from Leyburn, through woods/fields to Preston-under-scar.  Down the road to Stoneham Cottage, then passing Bolton Hall; crossing Lords Bridge and onto West Witton.  We picked up the path to Knight Templar and onto Morpeth Gates.  Down into West Burton to admire the waterfall in full spate.  Heading up the road to Gate Bridge and then the main climb of the day taking lunch at the top.

Then onwards to Carlton.  Walking through the village we turned and crossed fields to West Scrafton and then onto Lane House.  We passed Caldbergh to Bird Ridding Farm and through Tupgill Park (aka Hidden Corner).  Picking up the Gallops, we then entered Middleham.  Fields took us to Middleham Bridge, and finally back to Leyburn.

A cloudy day, but thankfully no rain.  Thanks to all, especially members from Northumbria who helped swell the numbers.

Photos by Liyang Tang

Photos by Paul Ashman