Social Walk Risk Assessment


The Social Walk Risk Assessment has been introduced by the NEC to ensure a Covid-19 compliant framework for LDWA social walks.  For all social walks comprising more than six persons (including the leader), a Social Walk Risk Assessment and a Social Walk Register must be completed by the walk leader.  The maximum number of participants allowed on any LDWA Social walk is thirty.

Walk leaders who do not feel comfortable with risk assessment responsibilities are still encouraged to lead walks of up to six persons including themselves.  Please follow the walk leader responsibilities outlined below, but only the Social Walk Register must be completed in these circumstances.

As Government guidelines and regulations relating to Covid-19 continue to change the LDWA's latest position on Coronavirus can be viewed here.


  • Contact Andy Ward (Walk Secretary) to submit your proposed walk details.  For the time being walks will be published only on the North Yorkshire website and with minimal details (e.g. date, area, distance, leader and leader contact details)
  • As walk leader you have sole discretion on how many people you feel comfortable leading
  • Once your walk is published interested participants are invited to contact you to reserve a place.  Please consider an equitable allocation of places with priority given initially to North Yorkshire group members. Non LDWA guests should not be accepted at this time 
  • Following the walk "recce" and other walk planning considerations complete the Social Walk Risk Assessment which may be viewed and printed here   
  • Advise selected participants of the start location and of any other relevant details as mentioned in the Social Walk Risk Assessment.  The start location should not be shared with others to avoid exceeding the risk assessed numbers on the day



  • Submit the completed Social Walk Risk Assessment and Social Walk Register as soon as practical after the walk to me, Robert Cope:
    • If I am on the walk give them to me
    • If you have "scan to email" capabilities (either smartphone or scanner) then you can email them
    • Similarly if you have a smartphone with "photo to email" capabilities
    • If none of the above is convenient contact me

Any questions/problems, please feel free to contact me.

Robert Cope
Tel:           07977 412721