Ingleby Greenhow | Saturday 13 October 2018

Walk Leader: Andy Miller
Participants: 8
Mileage: 20 miles
Ascent: 3,500 ft
Walk Report: Wendy Leete

Our 20 mile walk (3500ft) started from Ingleby Greenhow.  A small secluded village hidden within the valley on the northern side of the Cleveland Hills.

Eight of us grouped up in the damp, but surprisingly warm (for October) weather heading out on a metal road to a much smaller community, known as Battersby, onto Battersby moor before reaching the Cleveland way, signposted to Bloworth Crossing.  The wind picking up as we walked along the ridge, it was a blessing to soon be heading downhill again.  Once down on flat footing we met a new face “Shaun the sheep” – a well presented animal directing the way to Whitby – this being part of the Moors to Sea route and also our route.  Feeling too comfortable for our good, our leader had joked of an incline - Ingleby incline – not for the faint hearted – but we managed it.  Ready for a simple snack and coffee quite near the top – once again our leader offered his usual toffees before heading off again.  The weather continuing to get better (except for the wind), and wonderful views of Bilsdale, we traversed a route around Urra moor and downhill to Chop Gate, via William Beck, where we lunched at the village hall car park.  We left the village on Cold Moor Lane track to reach the ridge heading towards Wain Stones, Cleveland Hills – trying not to stand around for too long for fear to being blown to Kingdom Come.   We stayed low at this point and circumferenced the CH’s to Clay Bank.  A short stretch down the busy main road before turning north across fields and a small wooded area back to Ingleby Greenhow.

Thank you to our leader for his bananas, pies and toffees, not to mention a wonderful day’s saunter and to all those who joined us to make Ingleby Greenhow another successful walk.

Photos by Tony Jenner