Muker | Saturday 8 December 2018

Walk Leader: Andy Miller
Participants: 6
Mileage: 16 miles
Walk Report: Wendy Leete

A windy start to the day on leaving Muker.  The six of us took to the Pennine Way climbing up Kisdon Hill (a Marlyn) on to the Corpse Way - a lovely green track, aptly named as it was used by coffin bearers to carry coffins from Keld to Grinton (a distance of 17 miles when there was no burial ground at Keld!).  We then encountered a spell of heavy rain - followed by nature's beauty of a rainbow.  Fortunately, the rain had stopped before we traversed down the other side of the ridge and a short road section into Keld.  We managed to take cover in Keld's little church for a small coffee stop.  We headed back to Muker after taking in the full view of the waterfall in Keld.  Wow, what a lot of water!!!  Crossing over the other side from Muker we followed a well made track, initially.  Traversing eventually to Gunnerside bridge - had lunch - and made our way back along the river side with a climb to Ivelet in the middle.  All dry.  Brilliant day.  Lots of nice views and the weather, once again, was relatively kind to us.