Isaac Tea Trail | Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 September 2019

Walk Leader: Wendy Leete
Participants: Saturday (16) / Sunday (14)
Mileage: 37 miles
Walk Register: Yes
Walk Report: Rachael Musgrove


Having found the walk in Strider, and living only a stone’s throw over the top of the hill in Hexham, joining the North Yorkshire group walk seemed an opportunity too good to miss!  Having walked bits and pieces of the Trail, it was good to put it all together and complete the jigsaw, with the added bonus of good company.

 The walk was to begin at 9am from Allendale, Northumberland and members were all gathered in good time in the small town centre.  People were very friendly and welcoming to me, being a strange face.  We had an overview of the proceedings for the walk, reassurances for those who were new that nobody would be left behind and although no promises about the weather were made, a little rain dance (flossing) to appease the gods was performed.... and it worked!

 A good pace was struck up and maintained, you could just fall in and out of conversation with members as you liked, and could happily walk in companionable silence whilst you took in the surroundings and geography of the walk.  All the members were really friendly, helpful and made me feel part of the pack.  Given the variety of backgrounds, ages and experience of the group, the love of a good walk unified us all. 

 The timings were good, front and back markers kept the group together, and we arrived at the YHA in plenty of time for all to use facilities before the evening meal. 

Day two was testing with low cloud and lots of rain – we ploughed on.  There were plenty of interesting sights, including model villages and a good café at Nenthead (an old Methodist church – really worth a visit) which was well placed to get a warm before heading up over the moor and moor again before descending safely, but wet into Allendale once more.

I had a great time, loved every minute of it, and thoroughly enjoyed the company of all on the walk.

Thanks again for all the planning and arrangements that resulted in a smashing weekend.

Photos by Wendy Leete