Kepwick | Saturday 1 September 2018

Walk Leader: Ann Grainger
Participants: 9
Mileage: 20 miles
Walk Report: Ann Grainger

9 walkers turned up at Kepwick for a 20 mile walk. The weather was perfect we walked through Nether and Over Silton and then took a not so used path to Thimberly Bank up through the woods and again to join the Cleveland Way where we had our first stop by the reservoirs.  We carried on to Square Corner, where we turned  right and right again following a desent track down to Hunters Hill.  We then turned left through a number of fields to Bridge Back Lane and up through the Nab, and over the moor tops where we had lunch near an old ruined pub crossing over the Cleveland Way.  We then went down a steep hill to, through Thorodale, and more woods to Mount Pleasant, turned right to New Hall and up Arden Bank turned left over a lovely Heather moor until we reached High Paradise Farm - where 7 of us decided we needed a well deserved drink and cake!  We returned to the Cleveland Way until we reached Steeple Cross where we turned left through some lovely beech woods and then down Black Hill helping our selves to  bilberries on the way.  We then passed through a dark tunnel of rhododendruns on our way back to Kepwick.  We had a good varied walk enjoyed by all.